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Yellow Ostrich just finished their new album Strange Land.  Look for it March 6th on Barsuk records!!

Track List:

01. Elephant King
02. Daughter
03. Marathon Runner
04. I Got No Time for You
05. Stay at Home
06. I Want Yr Love
07. The Shakedown
08. Wear Suits
09. Up in the Mountains
10. When All is Dead

Best of 2011 - a flamgirlant mixtape

It’s that time of year where we make lists!  Nice lists, naughty lists (quite fond of those) and my favorite, “Best of” lists.  It’s fun to take a step back and really evaluate all of my loves over the past year and let me tell you, I really got around!  Some albums were mere crushes or flirtations, others I fell for hard and fast but then cooled and still others where the love started as a spark and grew to a great roaring fire.

After much soul searching and extreme self-imposed stress, I believe I came up with my Best of 2011.  10 favorite albums, 5 favorite EPs.  As is my tradition, I created a mixtape for you all to download and enjoy.  2 tracks off of my favorite albums and a single track off of my favorite EPs.  Maybe we share loves, maybe you’ll fall for someone new, give it a download and let’s find out!  Can always give it listen over on 8tracks too!

Best of 2011 - a flamgirlant mixtape

Top 10 Albums

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks : Mirror Traffic

     01. Forever 28

     02. Long Hard Book

Unknown Mortal Orchestra : Unknown Mortal Orchestra

     03. FFunny FFriends

     04. Boy Witch

Widowspeak : Widowspeak

     05. Puritan

     06. Limbs

The Shivers : More

     07. So Long Woman

     08. Kisses

Yellow Ostrich : The Mistress

     09. WHALE

     10. Hate Me Soon

Real Estate : Days

     11. Kinder Blumen

     12. Out Of Tune

tUnE-yArDs : W H O K I L L

     13. Powa

     14. You Yes You

Megafaun : Megafaun

     15. Real Slow

     16. You Are The Lights

Peaking Lights : 936

     17. Birds of Paradise Dub Version

     18. Hey Sparrow

Chad VanGaalen : Diaper Island

     19. Freedom for a Policeman

     20. Heavy Stones

Top 5 EPs

Crystal Stilts : Radiant Door

     21. Dark Eyes

White Denim : Takes Place In Your Workspace

     22. Cat City

Chapter 24 : Chapter 24

     23. You Said

Each Other : Taking Trips

     24. Odd Body of Water

Continents : Spiriting

     25. The Perfect Circle

As always, show these bands some love!  Buy a record or a Tshirt, go see a show.  Show them how much you also dig ‘em buy throwing some money their way.  Support the bands you love!

Hit up my mixtape hub ‘o love to hear other things that scratched my itch this year.  And hey, looking forward to spending some great musical times with you all this next year.



Had three records at my door when I got home from work yesterday.  The Mistress from Yellow Ostrich was one of ‘em.  Ain’t it cool?

Yellow Ostrich - “Slow Paddle” (live on KEXP)

Over the weekend it was announced Yellow Ostrich is coming to Milwaukee 11/20.  To a tiny little club in my ‘hood, nonetheless.  STOKED.

Yellow Ostrich - “In The Summertime” (Mung Jerry cover)

My fellow Wisconsinite Alex Schnaaf with drummer Michael Tapper (Bishop Allen, We Are Scientists) and Jon Natchez (Beirut) rocking a killer cover of Munger Jerry's 1970's hit “In The Summertime” at Navy Pier.

Fuck. Yeah.

Summer Burn 2011 - a flamgirlant mixtape

Ah yes, summer time.  Sunblock, cold beer, encased meats on the grill, bonfires, men in capris… I love summer.  As I do every year, I have a fresh mix of tracks to keep you cool when it’s hot.  You know the drill - click the link to download. You can also head on over to 8tracks and give it a listen there.

As always, be awesome and buy a record/tshirt/concert tix from one of the bands posted.  They deserve our love!  Without them, our summer wouldn’t be nearly as chill.

Summer Burn 2011 - a flamgirlant mixtape

01.  Buffalo Moon - Poolside Dreaming
02.  Sunny Ali & The Kid - Try Harder
03.  Tones On Tail - Twist
04.  Oregon Bike Trails - High School Lover
05.  Bleached - Think Of You
06.  Gardens & Villa - Orange Blossom
07.  White Fence - Get That Heart
08.  Yellow Ostrich - Hate Me Soon
09.  Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Jello and Juggernauts
10.  Milagres - Glowing Mouth
11.  Crystal Swells - Patent Trolls
12.  Share-a-tories - Crystalline Hymns
13.  Suburban Lawns - Janitor
14.  Ganglians - Jungle
15.  Jai Paul - BTSTU
16.  Laughing Man - Mood & Dress
17.  White Denim - River To Consider
18.  Helado Negro - Ver A Ver

Hope you hear something you dig!  And hey, don’t forget to visit my mixtape hub ‘o love for previous summer burns.  Happy summer all!!


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Yellow Ostrich,
The Mistress

Yellow Ostrich - “Hate Me Soon”

This song sums up my recent relationships in spectacular fashion. 

You’re gonna hate me soon if you don’t understand
That what we’re doing here has got no long term plan
You’re gonna hate me soon if you do not desist
From what I kindly term as your neverending kiss
You’re gonna hate me soon

Loops and layers; waxing and waning; fits and fury.

I’m gonna love you soon if you do understand
And then you leave me for a better kind of man
I’m gonna love you soon when you are out of reach
And when I see you ‘round, you never wanna speak
I’m gonna love you soon

Yellow Ostrich is clever, whimsical and really sparkle when they surprise.

So why don’t we just skip ahead and leave this behind
We can hate or we can love or we can let it unwind
Your father says that you are near
So let’s get together in a couple of years

You’re gonna hate me soon

The Mistress is currently my favorite album of 2011 and likely to stay there.  Listen to two more songs from the album over on bandcamp (or download a few free EPs) and then head to eMusic for a digital download or Afternoon Records to pick it up on vinyl.

Yellow Ostrich - “Mary” (Big Ugly Yellow Couch)

I’m not a clairvoyant.  I don’t predict things.  But Yellow Ostrich.  I say Yellow Ostrich plays Pitchfork.  Saturday.  Little stage.  Say… 2:30.  Ish.

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

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Yellow Ostrich,
Whalemary 7"

Yellow Ostrich - “Whale”

Yellow Ostrich is made up of one talented fellow Wisconsinite Alex Schaaf.  This song is full of looping bits that give just the right amount of layered texture that never overwhelms.  You can grab this tune and another off of his latest digital 7” Whalemary at his bandcamp site.  Be sure to grab the other free goodies in his discography too.