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Deep Time - “Clouds”

I’ve been a rabid fan of Yellow Fever from the first moment I heard them in.. early 2010? late 2009?  Gosh, it’s been a while.  I’m happy to hear they group is making more music, even if under a new moniker Deep Time… I dig it.  Really looking forward to this release!  Pre-ordered in opaque green vinyl!


Deep Time - Clouds

I stumbled into seeing Austin’s Jennifer Moore and Adam Jones when they were still Yellow Fever at SXSW 2010 and remember being mesmerized by their inventive arrangements and catchy, plastic-wrapped hooks. They’ve gone on to change their name, and Gorilla vs. Bear just premiered this new track today - look out for their new self-titled full length on Hardly Art in July. Based on this single, we’re in for some great things.


YellowFever - “Bermuda Triangle”

Morning, everyone.

Waiting For The Thaw - a flamgirlant mixtape

It’s cold.  It’s snowy.  It’s mostly grey and dreary.  It’s kinda depressing. 

Yeah.  It’s February.

To help you get you through the final doldrums of winter, I offer you my latest mixtape: Waiting For The Thaw.  Download and enjoy!

Waiting For The Thaw

01. Yawn - Kind of Guy
02. Yellow Fever - Hellfire
03. Regrets & Brunettes - Post Punk
04. Brazos - Day Glo
05. Dios - Puttin It Down
06. Twin Sister - All Around and Away We Go
07. Shark? - I’m An Animal
08. Thunder Power - Take a Hike
09. Blakroc - On The Vista (feat. Mos Def)
10. Gigi - The Old Graveyard (Karl Blau)
11. Harlem - Beautiful & Very Smart
12. Charlotte Gainsbourg - Me And Jane Doe
13. Young Buffalo - Catapilah
14. U.S. Girls - Red Ford Radio
15. Family Portrait - On The Floor
16. White Hinterland - Dreaming Of The Plum Trees
17. The Sandwitches - Kiss Your Feet
18. The Shivers - Beauty

Drop me a note in the comments or give me a shout if you dig it!  I’d love to know if you’re picking up what I’m throwing down.  Click here to get to my previous mixtapes.

Why won’t you recognize how psychedelic I am and love me?
from "Psychedelic" by Yellow Fever
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Yellow Fever,
Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever - “Hellfire”

I believe I’ve found my newest band crush.