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Robin Pecknold (Fleet Foxes) & Joanna Newsom - “Picture” (Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow Cover)

So.  Yeah.  This happened.

(via KEXP)

Towel animals skeeve me out.

If I walk into a room and see a towel in the shape of a swan/elephant/bear/whatever, I’m irked.  I do not find it cute or clever or endearing; I find it creepy.  I read a lot of Stephen King as a kid - towel animals are just fodder for my vivid imagination (note to self: do not eat acid or ‘shrooms on a cruise ship). 

That and I always wonder if my naughty bits are being dried by the “face” of such a man-made beast.


I just received some tragic new this morning.  The Avett Brothers are going on tour with John Mayer - as openers.


Devo is crowd sourcing their reintroduction to the public??  These dudes have always taken nerd to a level of cool not seen before.  Totally looking forward to any new material - especially music videos.

(via Dude Craft)

Mike Bochoff - “Everything Burns”

Ok. Whoa.  This dude jumps from wife beater to you and me and not needing anything else and then back to the wife burning her beating husband while he’s drunk in their bed and get then back to how I need you and you need me.

Yeah, I know I don’t speak for every girl out there, but that’s a totally creepy angle.  Totally.


Men meeting men isn’t appropriate for NFL “family viewing” but we can talk uterus until the cows come home?

Tim McGraw Presale Starts Tomorrow!
Subject line of an email in my inbox.  Yeah, they totally missed their target market on that one.

Nickelback is the band of the decade??  Good thing I haven’t had breakfast yet.