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Top 10 Albums of 2010 - a flamgirlant mixtape

The madness of the holidays has passed which means it’s time to reflect upon the past year and rally for the next.  We’ve had a great music run, no?  Seeing how we music lovers are given to create our year end lists, I thought it’d be an opportune time to craft another mixtape featuring the top 2 songs off of my top 10 albums of 2010.

You’ve seen these artists featured on here before and maybe even heard a song or two on my previous mixtapes.  You’ve already read my passionate professions of love for these bands so this time I’ll let the music speak for itself.

Download and enjoy folks. As always, be awesome to those that create awesome - buy an album, see a show, get some shwag.  Show them the love they surely deserve.

Top 10 Albums of 2010

Lower Dens : Twin-Hand Movement
     01. A Dog’s Dick
     02. Hospice Gates

     03. phantom LIMB
     04. radio GENERATION

Woom : Muu’s Way
     05. Back In
     06. Sister

Twin Sister : Color Your Life
     07. All Around and Away We Go
     08. Lady Daydream

Grass Widow : Past Time
     09. Tuesday
     10. Shadow

Tame Impala : InnerSpeaker
     11. Solitude Is Bliss
     12. Expectation

White Denim : Last Days Of Summer
     13. If You’re Changing
     14. Champ

Deerhunter : Halcyon Digest
     15. Coronado
     16. Revival

Futurebirds : Hampton’s Lullaby
     17. APO
     18. Sam Jones

Peggy Sue : Fossils And Other Phantoms
     19. Yo Mama
     20. Shape We Made

Visit my mixtape hub of love for more sonic goodness!


Twin Sister - “Lady Daydream” (live acoustic on Big Ugly Yellow Couch)

Guess who I’m seeing for the first time tonight…

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Twin Sister,
Vampires with Dreaming Kids

Twin Sister - “Dry Hump”

Twin Sister will be playing with Holiday Shores and The Morning Benders at Turner Hall next friday.  $12.  I can’t pass that up.  But I need a wingman.  Dry humping negotiable.  Who’s in?

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Twin Sister,
Shaking Through Volume 1

PREMIERE - Twin Sister - Meet the Frownies

A song you will love and a project you should know about.  Thanks Mark!


I was asked by record producer and Weathervane Music Project founder Brian McTear if I’d curate a couple new Shaking Through sessions this past summer. Of course, how could I refuse! I picked three of my current favorite bands - and with a huge dose of luck they all said yes!

I’m so proud to debut the single recorded by Long Islanders and rising stars Twin Sister. This track is absolutely stunning, and I couldn’t have been happier with the way it turned out. So nimble, the way it shakes and moves. Such sublime changes. I think you’re going to love it, too.

Lucky for you, you can download the track absolutely free…  and you’ll also be able to watch a bunch of behind the scenes videos and check out a ton more photos of the session as well. Fun!

Shaking Through is an awesome project, and I hope you guys can get involved. Right now, WXPN and Weathervane Music have partnered up to give up-and-coming bands an opportunity to record in a professional (and yes, beautiful, sun-drenched) studio here in Fishtown, Philadelphia - and keep the song and the learning experience with them.

We’d love your support! Please reblog and share and support this radical project. Thanks!

Shaking Through Vol 1 Episode 8: Twin Sister

Tom Tom Club - “Genius of Love”

Good morning everyone!  It’s Thursday and I feel like I’m finally hitting my stride this week.  A little late, I know.  Just means endless possibilities for the weekend.

PS - wouldn’t you love to hear Twin Sister cover this song?

But I’ll be in Chicago for the Pitchfork Music Festival.  Fuck me running.

Twin Sister: Crashing Under Dim Streetlights (Daytrotter Session)

Twin Sister makes us feel, in no way, as if we’re stuck in a moment, but actually collaborating with a moment, seeing it slowed down and better able to grab, like a fat fish in shallow waters.

Twin Sister - “Something About Us” (Daft Punk Cover)

This is absolutely fantastic.


Great footage from Ian Pearlman of Twin Sister on a New York rooftop late Friday night covering one of my favorite Daft Punk tunes. (via Chocolate Bobka)

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Twin Sister - “All Around And Away We Go”

A bit different than the "All Around And Away We Go" you’ll find on Twin Sister's (free) EP Color Your Life, this version makes me wanna dance around in a t-shirt and panties.

Find it on my latest mixtape here.

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Twin Sister,
Vampires with Dreaming Kids

I have a serious crush on Twin Sister.


Twin Sister - Nectarine

A mellower song to offset today’s other post.

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