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The Budos Band - “Unbroken, Unshaven”

TGIF all.

The Budos Band - “Black Venom” (Live on KEXP)

SO deep in the mother fucking pocket , I just found my weed from 8th grade

- XjyujX (YouTube commenter)

The Budos Band - “Unbroken, Unshaven” Live @ Pabst Pub

Oh this?  This is The Budos Band kicking ass this afternoon at their little teaser show at the pub in the Pabst Theater.  Yeah, I’ll be dancing to their soulful funk tonight.  Minds will be blown.

The Making of The Budos Band III

Nothing like a little Budos Band to start off your morning.  Now do you understand why I’m so stoked for their April show?

(via rollogrady)

On 4/20, nonetheless.  Seriously geeking the fuck out right now.  I’ve never seen them though have loved them for years.  You so wanna be my wingman that night. 

4/20 afro-soul dance party with The Budos Band!  And me!  $12 tickets!  $3 PBR tallboys!  How can you say no?

The Budos Band - “Volcano Song”

Couples figure skating is so freakin serious.  I don’t know what event I’m watching (long program??) but damn the music is awful.  “The Way We Were”?  “Lovestory”?  Yawn.  Maybe if they lightened the hell up and didn’t take themselves so seriously, they could have a little fun and rock the audience in the process.

If I could skate, I’d try to use something like this Budos Band song.  I’d want to skate to something with a lot a funk rubbed with a little stank.  Tell me you wouldn’t love to see such a thing.

The Budos Band - “Up From The South”

We all could use a little instrumental Afro-Soul on a Friday afternoon.