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Finally finished my Megafaun cross stitch!  Didn’t it turn out stellar?!  Only in a 5x7 frame, but 4,566 teeny stitches with one strand of floss on 28 count linen.  I lot of time (and love) went into this piece.  I absolutely adore it.  Do bands dig fan art from totally non-creepy fangirls?  I might just email the fellas and see…

What do you think?

Finished a commissioned piece. One of my faves.

See more of my work at my etsy shop.

Mega hungover means great progress was made on my latest piece as I was pretty much useless in any other capacity.

Working on a new piece inspired by one of my favorite bands.  It just needed to be stitched.  Any guesses?

Working on a new piece inspired by one of my favorite bands.  It just needed to be stitched.  Any guesses?

My Christmas commission is finally done!!  Over 7,100 stitches went into this puppy!  I’m exhausted from the tiny stitching.  The piece was completed on 28 count ivory linen and is in a black 5”x7” frame.  WI is stitched in a blue green, IL in a green gray, stick people in white and the text in a grayish brown color.

Pictures don’t do it justice; it looks totally bad ass.  Dave’s on his way over to pick it up tonight, so I won’t be able to snap better photos in daylight.

Dave asked for something involving WI and IL, and as we talked about what else to include he wanted little stick people to represent Milwaukee (where he lives) and Chicago (where Claire lives).  All in all, I think I captured what he was looking for.  And gosh, I hope Claire likes it!!

My friend Dave lives in Milwaukee.  His girlfriend Claire lives in Chicago.  He asked if I could stitch something up for him to give her for Christmas.  It was sort of last minute, but I said sure.  Here’s the progress so far. 

It’s shaping up to be pretty bad ass, but damn is it taking forever.  28 count fabric means really tiny stitches.  Check out that close up.  The needle looks monstrous.  Teeny freakin tiny x’s.  Over 3,300 in WI, over 3,500 in IL.  Seriously.  Hours of stitching shows progress in 1/4”.  I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  I don’t know if I can get it done in time!  I have to, but damn, it’s gonna take everything I got.  That and canceling plans to hang out with a friend this afternoon.  :(

Power Animal: Argyle Octopus

My “Power Animal” series combines classic patterns and textures with traditional silhouettes and funk it up with color.  My latest addition to the family is an Argyle Octopus.  The oh so preppy character is stitched in two shades of grey and bright turquoise cotton embroidery floss with an accent of red for pop.

The finished piece is for sale in my etsy shop!  If you’d like to stitch one up for yourself, I have the pattern available too.

Here’s a little sneak peak of my latest stitched piece for my Power Animals series, the Argyle Octopus.  Finally got him hooped up!  Won’t get around to take real pics until later today or tomorrow, but wanted to show a little teaser!

Motley Entrelac Buttonhole Shawl

I’ve spent this afternoon finishing my latest knitting project, the Motley entrelac buttonhole shawl.  I have yet to block it but wanted to take some pictures before I lost the late afternoon light. 

I found the pattern on Knitty and immediately fell in love how the color-changing yarn worked with the entrelac style and the superfluous buttonholes.  I used one colorway of Lion Brand Amazing yarn called “Arcadia”.  It’s full of teals and greens, plums and oranges - perfect for fall in Wisconsin.  A mix of wool and acrylic, this triangular shawl is super warm and should prove quite easy to care for.

The pattern was fantastic!  I’m a knitter of fickle disposition - too much repetition makes me bored, but too many changes in pattern disrupts my zen-like knitting groove.  This pattern was a PERFECT knit for me!  The pattern is quite simple enough to memorize, and once I got the crochet-hook buttonhole technique down, I was able to fly through this knit.  Repetitive enough to help find my zen, and the entrelac and buttonholes were able to hold my attention ‘til the end.  I highly recommend this pattern to anyone with a similar knitting personality.

Made some progress tonight on my latest power animal Argyle Octopus.  He’s coming together nicely!