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Royal Baths - “Faster, Harder”

Good morning everyone.


New video for “Faster, Harder” from their Better Luck Next Life LP out now on Kanine Records, you can stream it here.

LAYERED - a flamgirlant mixtape

Winter is all about layers.  Layers of clothing; layers of ice and snow; layers of blankets on your bed.  These layers all have a weight to them, physically and visually.  The music I’m drawn to in the darker, colder months of winter also feels like it carries a weight.  This mix is made up of songs that feel heavy.  By the end you’ll have bundled yourself in layers of melody and rhythm, harmony and distortion, hooks and reverb.

Download the mix or head over to 8tracks to stream it.


01. CANT - She Found A Way Out
02. Zoo Animal - Bad Seed
03. That Ghost - Your Backs
04. Mikal Cronin - Gone
05. Zoo Kid - Ocean Bed
06. Tim Cohen - I Am Never Going To Die
07. Waters - For The One
08. Jessie Baylin - White Noise
09. Slim Twig - There’s A Secret To Your Pleasure
10. Hanni El Khatib - Dead Wrong
11. Dreampeter - Masn Jar
12. Paul Cary - The Curse Of China Bull
13. Omma Cobba - Some People Say You’re No good
14. Cate Le Bon - Hollow Trees House Hounds
15. Ty Segall - I Can’t Feel It
16. TEEN - Just Another
17. Royal Baths - Darling Divine
18. Sunny Ali & The Kid - Stand By Your Man
19. Ela Orleans - Somewhere

Be awesome to these artists by showing them your support.  Buy some schwag or see a show.  They all deserve some love!

As always, visit my mixtape hub to chill with my previous mixtapes.


Royal Baths - “After Death” (live @ Shea Stadium)

Time to kick today up a notch.