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Peggy Sue - “My Boyfriend’s Back”

Love this band.  The Songs of Scorpio Rising will be available 7/23.  Just wish they had a vinyl option.  Cheggit.


Video for ‘My Boyfriend’s Back’ taken from the album ‘Peggy Sue Plays The Songs Of Scorpio Rising’.

Peggy Sue - “Fools Rush In”

I love waking up to a beautiful song with a great story sung by an amazing band.  Perfect way to start off the week.  Head over bandcamp to pre-order Peggy Sue play the songs of Scorpio Rising.


In Spring 2011 we were invited to perform a live soundtrack to a film at a temporary cinema in Hackney, East London. The film we chose was Kenneth Anger’s 1963 cult classic Scorpio Rising mostly because of its ground breaking Rock & Roll/Doo Wop soundtrack. With no dialogue or captions Anger was one of the first to use pop music to harness and alter the meaning of his images. Scorpio Rising is like a glorious 30 minute music video long before it’s time.

On July 1st, after many long hours perfecting the art of playing along to the film without getting distracted by the leather and the mustard, we played 12 new arrangements of the massive pop hits that appear on Anger’s original soundtrack.

It was without a doubt one of the most fun and nerve racking 30 minutes we have ever spent so we stole away to the studio for a few days here and there over the next 6 months and recorded our versions of the songs. This here is that. One thousand limited edition, hand printed, hand folded and hand signed compact discs are available to buy directly from us from our website and bandcamp page. The 12 songs will also be available to buy from all good download shops from July 23rd.

On Sunday July 22rd we will celebrate the release of our unofficial soundtrack with two very special performances in a previously unused musical space in East London. Seating the ridiculously small number of just 50 people at a time, we will play the album in full in the most appropriate of all venues - a surviving WW2 bunker in Dalston. Tickets will allow admittance for one hour to give audience members a chance to explore this weird and wonderful space before and after the 30 minute show. With the help of some incredible visuals and our unstoppable nerves these promise to be the most high brow Peggy Sue shows of all time! We hope you will enjoy watching and listening to it as much as we have enjoyed making it.

Tickets are on sale from 10am this morning from here www.wegottickets.com.

Peggy Sue - “Cut My Teeth”


A live version of ‘Cut My Teeth’ recorded in London late in 2011.

Peggy Sue - “Dumbo”

This is fantastic.


A video of sorts for ‘DUMBO’.

Peggy Sue - “Song And Dance”

Love the lady harmonies and foreboding vibe of this band.

Top 10 Albums of 2010 - a flamgirlant mixtape

The madness of the holidays has passed which means it’s time to reflect upon the past year and rally for the next.  We’ve had a great music run, no?  Seeing how we music lovers are given to create our year end lists, I thought it’d be an opportune time to craft another mixtape featuring the top 2 songs off of my top 10 albums of 2010.

You’ve seen these artists featured on here before and maybe even heard a song or two on my previous mixtapes.  You’ve already read my passionate professions of love for these bands so this time I’ll let the music speak for itself.

Download and enjoy folks. As always, be awesome to those that create awesome - buy an album, see a show, get some shwag.  Show them the love they surely deserve.

Top 10 Albums of 2010

Lower Dens : Twin-Hand Movement
     01. A Dog’s Dick
     02. Hospice Gates

     03. phantom LIMB
     04. radio GENERATION

Woom : Muu’s Way
     05. Back In
     06. Sister

Twin Sister : Color Your Life
     07. All Around and Away We Go
     08. Lady Daydream

Grass Widow : Past Time
     09. Tuesday
     10. Shadow

Tame Impala : InnerSpeaker
     11. Solitude Is Bliss
     12. Expectation

White Denim : Last Days Of Summer
     13. If You’re Changing
     14. Champ

Deerhunter : Halcyon Digest
     15. Coronado
     16. Revival

Futurebirds : Hampton’s Lullaby
     17. APO
     18. Sam Jones

Peggy Sue : Fossils And Other Phantoms
     19. Yo Mama
     20. Shape We Made

Visit my mixtape hub of love for more sonic goodness!


Peggy Sue - “Shape We Made” (live for Venus Magazine)

Gah, this song!!  This is why Peggy Sue is on my top 10 list this year (coming soon!).  We’re soul sisters.

You like the way your name fits in the corners of her mouth
Peggy Sue - “Careless Talk”

Leftovers - a flamgirlant mixtape

I’ve been mixtaping like mad lately!  My mixtaping process involves weeding through my current favorite singles and finding those songs that want to be together.  The flow has to make sense to me before I can commit to sharing it with all of you.  It’s a zen thing.  Often that means songs I love don’t make it on a mixtape.  Not through any fault of their own, mind you.  Sometimes they don’t gel with what’s rolling. 

My latest mixtape, Leftovers, is a collection of songs that I wasn’t able to include on previous mixes.  They’re the leftovers but like lasagna or chili, they’re damn good ones.  They work so well together, it was fate that they belonged on a mix all to themselves.

This mixtape is like a piece of birthday cake I’ve saved for breakfast.  I want to share it with you so grab a fork and dig in.  Hope you find them as tasty as I have.  Download here!


01. WOR - Django Django
02. Yo Mama - Peggy Sue
03. I’m Too High - kissed her little sister
04. Back In - Woom
05. Expectation - Tame Impala
06. Living This Life - The Dutchess And The Duke
07. Pig Pile Part I - Boogie Boarder
08. Salty Air/Salty Breakfast - Chromatic Flights
09. Dream Dream - Family Trees
10. Street Feelings - Las Robertas
11. I Won’t Hurt You - The West Coast Pop Art Experiment
12. Shut The Fuck Up - The Coathangers
13. Ghosts - Flight
14. Running - My Friend Wallis
15. Two Legged Dog - AFCGT

As always, support these artists.  If you’ve fallen for a song, let the band know by buying an album or some swag.  Let’s keep them doing what they do best!

Visit my mixtape hub of love for more tunes or drop me a line if you have any questions/comments.  And be sure to stick around - you know I already have another mix simmering away.


Peggy Sue - “Shape We Made” (live in Chicago)

<3 <3 <3