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Peaking Lights - “Hey Sparrow”

Love the colors in this video.

Clinic - “Miss You” (Peaking Lights Remix)

I’m having a bitch of day.  And that requires having a sock monkey dancing joyously on my dash.

TEEN - “Sleep Is Noise” (Peaking Lights Remix)

Whoa.  One of my newer favorite bands remixing one of my newest favorite bands.  Absolutely adore both TEEN and Peaking Lights!!

Peaking Lights - “Dream Beat”

Nothing like a new Peaking Lights video for one of my favorite songs off the new album Lucifer to kick off my Wednesday.

I’ve been a bit quiet lately, just a lot going on. Such is life. Day off today for a little recoup. Peaking Lights and a little culinary therapy in the form of hummus, salsa and blueberry chutney should help destress.

Got a mixtape for you all I’ll post soon! Happy Friday!

Peaking Lights - “Beautiful Son”

Beautifully psychedelic new video for "Beautiful Son" by Peaking Lights

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Peaking Lights,
Beautiful Son - Single

Peaking Lights - “Beautiful Son”

You know what tomorrow is, right?  Tomorrow Lucifer, the new album from Peaking Lights, drops on Mexican Summer records.  Psychedelic dream pop with dark smudges of krautrock straight out of Madison, WI.

Been streaming the whole thing over at the Guardian.  Can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

Yellow-marbled beauty from Peaking Lights (Taken with instagram)

To start things off, we’ll play a song that exemplifies the musical style of Peaking Lights which features synth rock arranging, electronica influences, reggae influences, repetitive melodic phrasing and extensive vamping.
Pandora defining my musical sweet spot today.

Best of 2011 - a flamgirlant mixtape

It’s that time of year where we make lists!  Nice lists, naughty lists (quite fond of those) and my favorite, “Best of” lists.  It’s fun to take a step back and really evaluate all of my loves over the past year and let me tell you, I really got around!  Some albums were mere crushes or flirtations, others I fell for hard and fast but then cooled and still others where the love started as a spark and grew to a great roaring fire.

After much soul searching and extreme self-imposed stress, I believe I came up with my Best of 2011.  10 favorite albums, 5 favorite EPs.  As is my tradition, I created a mixtape for you all to download and enjoy.  2 tracks off of my favorite albums and a single track off of my favorite EPs.  Maybe we share loves, maybe you’ll fall for someone new, give it a download and let’s find out!  Can always give it listen over on 8tracks too!

Best of 2011 - a flamgirlant mixtape

Top 10 Albums

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks : Mirror Traffic

     01. Forever 28

     02. Long Hard Book

Unknown Mortal Orchestra : Unknown Mortal Orchestra

     03. FFunny FFriends

     04. Boy Witch

Widowspeak : Widowspeak

     05. Puritan

     06. Limbs

The Shivers : More

     07. So Long Woman

     08. Kisses

Yellow Ostrich : The Mistress

     09. WHALE

     10. Hate Me Soon

Real Estate : Days

     11. Kinder Blumen

     12. Out Of Tune

tUnE-yArDs : W H O K I L L

     13. Powa

     14. You Yes You

Megafaun : Megafaun

     15. Real Slow

     16. You Are The Lights

Peaking Lights : 936

     17. Birds of Paradise Dub Version

     18. Hey Sparrow

Chad VanGaalen : Diaper Island

     19. Freedom for a Policeman

     20. Heavy Stones

Top 5 EPs

Crystal Stilts : Radiant Door

     21. Dark Eyes

White Denim : Takes Place In Your Workspace

     22. Cat City

Chapter 24 : Chapter 24

     23. You Said

Each Other : Taking Trips

     24. Odd Body of Water

Continents : Spiriting

     25. The Perfect Circle

As always, show these bands some love!  Buy a record or a Tshirt, go see a show.  Show them how much you also dig ‘em buy throwing some money their way.  Support the bands you love!

Hit up my mixtape hub ‘o love to hear other things that scratched my itch this year.  And hey, looking forward to spending some great musical times with you all this next year.