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The Black Keys - The Big Come Up

Working from home means I can skip the mp3’s and earbuds and hit up my records.  This is a shot of my newly acquired Black Keys - my first clear wax. 

Damn, is this cool.

avanhizzle replied to your post: Power is out and I came home with 4 new records….

What’d ya get?

Power is back, evening has been saved!

I stopped at Half Price Books and The Exclusive Company on my way home from work to help ease the pain of my hangover.  $50 or so later, I came home with:

The Black Keys - The Big Come Up  (it’s clear!!!!!)
Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat
Paul Cary - Ghost Of A Man
Charlie Parker’s All-Stars

Not too shabby, eh?

Came home to find new wax on my doorstep.  Tonight I’m spending some quality time with Future Songs by Pat Jordache and my entrelac knitting project.