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In New Orleans, that is.  Me and a couple girlfriends are heading down to NOLA the first weekend in March.  Looking for location recommendations!  Food is cool, though I’m really looking for the best places to hear some live music.  Not against seeing a national touring act, but would rather immerse myself in the local scene.

Who’s in the know?  Where should we go?

10/2 - Wild Beasts + Twin Sister
10/3 - St. Vincent + Cate Le Bon
10/7 - Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks + Holy Sons
10/8 - Mondo Lucha Variety Show (Luchadores! Burlesque! Sideshows!)
10/12 - Jaill + Jacuzzi Boys
10/15 - Peter Wolf Crier + Milagres

Bring it!!

Garage-rock is the province of the young and the young-at-heart. How else can you explain the slovenly strummed chords that feel like a sloppy, drunken kiss? Or the barreling drums not as concerned with fancy fills as they are the simple task of sorta keeping tempo? Or the romance of sweat, spilled beer, spitting in the air, and catching it with your mouth? Garage has always been a genre that’s gotten by on fuck-all primitivism and giddy demolition.

David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” Recreated As Children’s Book



ComicsAlliance readers should by now be familiar with the work of Andrew Kolb. We’ve spotlighted the illustrator’s work a couple of times before, first for his groovy representations of The Walking Dead and other beloved artifacts of pop culture, and most recently for his work with some of comics, film and television’s most famous double-acts like The Muppets’ Bunson and Beaker and Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob, but in the style of carved wooden blocks.

Kolb’s latest work is more ambitious, telling the story of David Bowie’s classic “Space Oddity” in the style of an illustrated children’s book. The tale of doomed Major Tom plays out in Kolb’s bright and retro animation style, giving a face to the legendary Bowie character and making the conclusion that much sadder. 

Released in 1969 and considered a classic today, David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” is obviously a reference to Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Like the film, Bowie’s song tells the story of an isolated astronaut whose life is threatened by a malfunction. Unfortunately for Bowie’s Major Tom, the character’s ultimate fate is decidedly grimmer than that of Kubrick’s Dave Bowman (Unless you want to get into Bowie’s “Ashes to Ashes” or the Pet Shop Boys remix of “Hallo Spaceboy” or the Peter Schilling fanfiction of “Coming Home”) 

If Bowie’s telling of the story sounds a bit dire from the start, Kolb’s reinterpretation is decidedly optimistic. Kolb’s illustrations also take their cues from that 1960s vision of the future seen in Kubrick’s films, but with the artist’s distinctly cheerful vibe that humanizes every aspect of the story, not the least of which are Major Tom’s space capsule and Ground Control themselves. Everything looks shiny and new, everybody is smiling and happy, and there’s no reason to think anything is going to go wrong. But of course it does, and in a way that fans of Bowie’s song will find quite clever. Without giving too much away, Kolb looked to the curious lyric, “And the stars look very different today” as a way to depict what exactly went wrong far above the moon.

Read the entire book at ComicsAlliance.

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The City and Horses - “We Will Never Be Discovered” (by papergardenrecs)



Yes, yes it pretty much is.

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Magic Trick,
The Glad Birth of Love

Magic Trick - “Daylight Moon”

I have a wicked Tim Cohen crush.



Local legend Tim Cohen recently released a new album under his project Magic Trick called The Glad Birth of Love. If you haven’t heard it already, check out this epic track “Daylight Moon” from the record. Tonight at Rickshaw Stop, Magic Trick and Empty Cellar Records are celebrating the record’s release, which includes extra magic from Magic Bullets (apparently their last show “for a long, long time”) as well as sets from PreTeen and Tambo Rays. See you there!

Junip - “To The Grain”

This, dear friends, is what the internet is for.


Junip - “To The Grain”

From their 2010 album Fields - out now on Mute.

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The Heart is a Drum Machine

I don’t do award shows, so I’m opting for The Heart is a Drum Machine to start off my night.  Streamable on Netflix if any other haters out there wanna join me.

Summer Burn 2010 - a flamgirlant mixtape

Sometimes a mix takes its own path despite the mixmaker’s best intentions - Summer Burn 2010 is a perfect example.  This puppy ended up taking 7 left turns before I called it quits.  That could mean it’s a pretty nice listen.  Could also mean it’s absolute shite.  Either way, I had to end it before it ended me. 

Hopefully you’ll hear something new and special.  As always, show the bands your love buy checking out a show or buying some swag.  They love that sort of thing.  And it’s a total win/win.  Download here!

Summer Burn 2010

01. So Glad - Evil D’s
02. The Be Colony - Broadcast And The Focus Group
03. Caesar - Ty Segall
04. Too Thirsty To Drink Water - Karl Blau
05. L. Mansion - Sic Alps
06. Green Guitar - RatTail
07. Ancient Robots - Conspiracy Of Owls
08. Superior To The Sea - Glass Cake
09. Cadets - Trash Kit
10. Deep - Woods
11. Fucking With My Head (Beck Cover) - Floating Action
12. Phantom Limb - Pat Jordache
13. Lying Around - Magic Bullets
14. Memory Teeth - Rayon Beach
15. Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People
16. It’s Choade My Dear - Connan Mockasin
17. Pissing Into Flames - The Fatty Acids
18. All Packed Up - Idiot Glee

My computer has been acting up lately so I apologize for any tag wonkiness.  Drop me line if you have issues or comments.  And visit my mixtape hub of love for other tunes to spin.


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Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!,
Whispers EP

Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! - “Whispers”

Yesterday I received a PR email from the folks representing Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! asking me to check out the single “Whispers” from their forthcoming release.  I ain’t gonna lie, I felt kinda special.  I’m just a broad posting tunes I dig; legit music blog I am not. 

Since flattery will get you everywhere and the band name is exactly what I’d say if I ever came across a tiger, I checked out their track.  And I like it!  Figured some of you would too so I wanted to share. 

If you dig it, keep your eyes peeled for the EP Whispers out in May on To Lose La Track/Audioglobe.  Dunno how it’ll be distributed here in the states, but I’d like to hear more.