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LINES : a flamgirlant mixtape

Ever notice how something as simple and innocuous as a line influences our behavior?  Lines are drawn, toed, and crossed.  You get in line, hold the line, and put yourself out on the line.  You either stay within the lines or color outside of them.  Sometimes you got someone on the line; sometimes you take yourself off the line.

Here’s a dandy little mix all about making lines or reacting to them (and one tasty instrumental jam for good measure).  Plus it’s spring and time for a new mix, no?

Click here to give it a listen over on 8tracks.  To download a zip file of the tunes, click here or on the image above.

LINES - a flamgirlant mixtape

01. Thee Oh Sees - Minotaur
02. Teen - Come Back
03. Devendra Banhart - Mi Negrita
04. Foxygen - Oh Yeah
05. The Liminanas - Crystal Anis
06. The Everywheres - Frightened Face
07. Angel Olsen - Free
08. Levek - Terra Treasures
09. Jaill - Perfect Ten
10. Ducktails - Couch-Surfer
11. Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers - I’m Straight
12. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - From the Sun
13. Eidolons - Yellow Wallpaper
14. Psychic Ills - One More Time
15. Stone Coal White - Free
16. Brother Mitya - Tenderness
17. Mac DeMarco - Cooking Up Something Good
18. Cousins - Khyber
19. Futurebirds - Virginia Slims

As always, show your love to these bands.  Buy a shirt, see a show, ask ‘em to sign a record.  Let’s support them so they can continue to bring us amazing music.

Got more mixes here if you wanna riffle through my collection.  Got a bunch posted over on 8tracks if you need some great music to stream.

Enjoy peeps!


Gonna have a new mixtape up for you guys tomorrow!

Crush - a flamgirlant mixtape

I don’t really do Valentine’s Day.  I don’t want chocolate or flowers or a Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman necklace.  I find the whole thing a little absurd, always have.  Then again, being contrary is just my nature.

But I do love music.  And mixtapes.  And I’m reminded today of a mixtape I made back in 2010 titled Crush.  Haven’t listened to it in quite a while and I gotta say, still stands strong.  And is my most downloaded mixtape of all time.

Anywho, give it a listen here in the fancy 8tracks widget.  Or head over to my original blog post and download the thing for yourself.

Great stuff from The Radio Dept, Makeout Videotape, Dirt Dress, The Strange Boys, White Fence and many others you may have forgotten about.

What are you running from? : a flamgirlant mixtape

Recently I posted a track here on my blog saying how it was the perfect October song - creepy and full of lurking darkness.  A follower suggest I make a new themed mixtape and I agreed it was a good idea!

What are you running from? is my latest mixtape full of creepily wonderful tunes just in time for Halloween.  Songs about ghosts and boneyards, devils and death, shadows and terror fill this mix, but you won’t find even a hint of “Monster Mash”Now sure, I may have taken a little liberty with this “theme”, but I’m a big fan of coloring outside the lines.  Still rocks as hard as it should.

As always people, show these artists some love.  Buy a record, go see a show, get a Tshirt.  How are they gonna feel the love if you don’t show it?

Hope you hear something new you dig!  Download or head over to 8tracks to give it a listen.  Enjoy!!

What are you running from?

01  RatTail : BYEBYE
02  Levek : Creature Creeper
03  The Stepkids : Shadows on Behalf
04  Those Darlins : Night Jogger
05  Timber Timbre : Bad Ritual
06  The Coathangers : Trailer Park Boneyard
07  The Graceful Slicks : Blood Red Hair
08  Ganglians : Blood on the Sand
09  Amen Dunes : Murder Dull Mind
10  The Sandwitches : Black Rider
11  Mission Of Burma : Dust Devil
12  The Black Angels : Young Men Dead
13  Dirty Beaches : Don’t Let The Devil Find You
14  Cate Le Bon : Terror Of The Man
15  Andrew Bird : Near Death Experience Experience
16  Blasted Canyons : Death And A Half
17  Ducktails : The Razor’s Edge
18  Sufjan Stevens : Enchanting Ghost
19  Waylon Thornton : Look For Danger
20  Sunny Ali & the Kid : Redrum
21  Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin : I Wear Black
22  Paul Cary : Green Monster

Oh and hey, I got a mess of other mixes y’all can get your hands on if you’re so moved.  Check it out!


Summer Burn 2012 - a flamgirlant mixtape

Half-way through summer and I’m finally posting my yearly summer burn.  Been enjoying the season too much to wrap this guy up!  But here you go, some tunes I’ve been rocking out to so far this summer season.  Download the mixtape or head over to 8tracks and give it a listen.  Enjoy!

Summer Burn 2012

01. TV Girl - Misery
02. boyhood - Heat
03. Monomyth - Feeling
04. Monster Rally - Honey
05. Bosco Delrey - Baby’s Got A Blue Flame
06. Matthew Dear - I Can’t Feel
07. Finn Riggins - Benchwarmers
08. Chastity Belt - God Damn
09. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Dreamsicle Bomb
10. Menahan Street Band - Karina
11. Django Django - Default
12. Jeans Wilder - Sparkler
13. Sam Flax - Fire Doesn’t Burn Itself
14. Fair Ohs - Baldessari
15. The Group Sound - Secret Girlfriend
16. Washed Out - Feel It All Around
17. MANS - If

Be as awesome to the artists as they have been to you; buy some swag, see a show, send them a love note.  Help them to keep doing the things they do.

Need more tunes?  My previous mixtapes can be found here.


(ps: link in image is broken but tumblr won’t let me edit it)

Hey I appreciate the Mixtapes but the link is broken for the Crush mixtape?


Yes, it was broken.  Sorry about that!  I have fixed the links in my Crush mixtape post, or click here to go directly to the download.

That’s a good mix.  Has been one of my most downloaded (at least while the link worked!).  A little Crystal Stilts, The Radio Dept, Makeout Videotape, Dirt Dress…  enjoy!

Think I’ll give it to you all on Monday.  What better way to start off a new week than with a new mixtape?

Give As I Do Get - a flamgirlant mixtape

As promised, here is my latest mixtape for you and yours to download and enjoy. This mix has some of my favorite songs of late, many of which you’ve already seen on this little blog.  Dig in!  If you can’t grab it quite yet but still are itching to listen, give it a spin over on 8tracks.  Or download it here.

Give As I Do Get

01. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - No One Is (As I Are Be)
02. Milk Maid - Oh!
03. Cocobeurre - Les Bulles
04. Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin - So, I Went to Beach, Melody
05. Continents - Land Of Plenty
06. Howlin’ Woods - BOSS
07. Naomi Punk - The Spell
08. Julia Holter - Goddess Eyes
09. Chad VanGaalen -  Heavy Stones
10. Extra Happy Ghost!!! - Mercy, Mercy
11. Beirut - Goshen
12. Widowspeak - Puritan
13. The Group Sound - Hey Gurl
14. Bill Callahan - Too Many Birds
15. Amen Dunes - Lower Mind
16. Ducktails - In The Swing
17. Caveman - December 28th
18. Pure X - Half Here

Please do a solid and support these artists.  Buy a shirt or a record, catch a show, send the band a little love note.  Do as the title suggests and give as you do get so we can keep getting more. After all, what would life be like without a killer soundtrack?

And as always, hit up my mixtape hub to download other mixes!


Summer Burn 2011 - a flamgirlant mixtape

Ah yes, summer time.  Sunblock, cold beer, encased meats on the grill, bonfires, men in capris… I love summer.  As I do every year, I have a fresh mix of tracks to keep you cool when it’s hot.  You know the drill - click the link to download. You can also head on over to 8tracks and give it a listen there.

As always, be awesome and buy a record/tshirt/concert tix from one of the bands posted.  They deserve our love!  Without them, our summer wouldn’t be nearly as chill.

Summer Burn 2011 - a flamgirlant mixtape

01.  Buffalo Moon - Poolside Dreaming
02.  Sunny Ali & The Kid - Try Harder
03.  Tones On Tail - Twist
04.  Oregon Bike Trails - High School Lover
05.  Bleached - Think Of You
06.  Gardens & Villa - Orange Blossom
07.  White Fence - Get That Heart
08.  Yellow Ostrich - Hate Me Soon
09.  Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Jello and Juggernauts
10.  Milagres - Glowing Mouth
11.  Crystal Swells - Patent Trolls
12.  Share-a-tories - Crystalline Hymns
13.  Suburban Lawns - Janitor
14.  Ganglians - Jungle
15.  Jai Paul - BTSTU
16.  Laughing Man - Mood & Dress
17.  White Denim - River To Consider
18.  Helado Negro - Ver A Ver

Hope you hear something you dig!  And hey, don’t forget to visit my mixtape hub ‘o love for previous summer burns.  Happy summer all!!


Ebb/Flow - a flamgirlant mixtape

It’s a transition time of year.  60 degrees one day, 90 the next.  Passing over recipes that require the oven to be on and going straight for fresh fruits and veggies.  Trading in my red wine for vodka lemonade.  It’s the time of year I find myself going from 0 to 60 and back again over the course of a few days only to repeat it again and again.  Too much to do, brief respite to catch my breath, too much to do.  That’s how things roll before I find myself lockstep with summer. 

Some days ebb, some days flow.  This mixtape works much the same way.  Give it a download or head over to 8tracks and listen!


01  Arches - This Isn’t A Good Night For Walking
02  Lake - Within/Without
03  TRANCE FARMERS - BETTY BOP - babe, terror mix
04  Cousins - Write Me A Song
05  Sic Alps - Cement Surfboard
06  Sutja Gutierrez - Vacation Theme (Bossa Nova Hotel Holidays)
07  tUnE-yArDs - Powa
08  Manganese Madness - Dame
09  Little Scream - Cannons
10  Karl Blau - Celebrate By Singing
11  Peaking Lights - All The Sun That Shines
12  PEACE - The Dark
13  Soft Healer - Soeur (Daytrotter Session)
14  Family Portrait - Wait
15  Shimmering Stars - I’m Gonna Try
16  Sun In Sound - Such A Let Down
17  Vetiver - Strictly Rule

There are some great tunes here, folks.  You’re bound to fall for one or two.  When you do fall, please do the right thing - buy a record, see a show.  Send the band some love so they can keep doing what they do.

As always, visit my mixtape hub to listen to more mixed goodness!