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All my friends got crooked tales. That’s the way I like it, that’s the company I keep.
Langhorne Slim - “The Way We Move”
Take your time ‘cuz everyone knows that if it starts too fast it’s gonna end real slow.
Megafaun - “Real Slow”
What I want most is bad for me I know
Theologians. They don’t know nothing about my soul.
Wilco - “Theologians”

For the curious, this is the project I’ve been working on all night.  It’s for a Phat Quarter swap and hopefully I’ll finish it in time to mail it off Saturday.  The theme was music and was a bit tough as my swap partner listens to stuff that I avoid like the plague.  I did find a Motion City Soundtrack lyric I could work with and though I couldn’t bring myself to listen to more than 30 seconds of the song, I think it’s gonna turn out pretty spiffy.  Hopefully my swap partner will think so too!

Walking like a man, hitting like a hammer.

Roxette - “The Look”

I will cross stitch this lyric, frame it, and hang it over my bed. 

I’m feeling sacred, still thinking profane. But all in all in all it’s all the same
chick-ity-check yo self before you wreck yo self
Ice Cube - “Check Yo Self”
Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge, I’m trying not to lose my head.

Grandmaster Flash - “The Message”

My next cross stitch project.

Go and dance yourself clean
LCD Soundsystem - “Dance Yrself Clean”