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Karl Blau,

Karl Blau - “Blue As My Name”

Karl Blau is one of those fellas that I don’t listen to regularly enough, but whenever I do I’m reminded that he’s some sort of lo-fi genius.  This track has the chugging root 5th cadence and honky tonk guitar of a song plucked from a classic jukebox of some tiny county bar with a name like “Tin Cup” or “Al’s Tavern” where Old Style is sincerely enjoyed.  The flutes add a touch of hippie psychedelia that kind of bridges the the gap between the music and lyrics.

This line right here, this line slays me:

    take one breath for my darlin and another for my muse
    there’s the cake and then the eating
    I must have the sense to choose

I love you Karl Blau, even if we don’t spend enough time together.

Ebb/Flow - a flamgirlant mixtape

It’s a transition time of year.  60 degrees one day, 90 the next.  Passing over recipes that require the oven to be on and going straight for fresh fruits and veggies.  Trading in my red wine for vodka lemonade.  It’s the time of year I find myself going from 0 to 60 and back again over the course of a few days only to repeat it again and again.  Too much to do, brief respite to catch my breath, too much to do.  That’s how things roll before I find myself lockstep with summer. 

Some days ebb, some days flow.  This mixtape works much the same way.  Give it a download or head over to 8tracks and listen!


01  Arches - This Isn’t A Good Night For Walking
02  Lake - Within/Without
03  TRANCE FARMERS - BETTY BOP - babe, terror mix
04  Cousins - Write Me A Song
05  Sic Alps - Cement Surfboard
06  Sutja Gutierrez - Vacation Theme (Bossa Nova Hotel Holidays)
07  tUnE-yArDs - Powa
08  Manganese Madness - Dame
09  Little Scream - Cannons
10  Karl Blau - Celebrate By Singing
11  Peaking Lights - All The Sun That Shines
12  PEACE - The Dark
13  Soft Healer - Soeur (Daytrotter Session)
14  Family Portrait - Wait
15  Shimmering Stars - I’m Gonna Try
16  Sun In Sound - Such A Let Down
17  Vetiver - Strictly Rule

There are some great tunes here, folks.  You’re bound to fall for one or two.  When you do fall, please do the right thing - buy a record, see a show.  Send the band some love so they can keep doing what they do.

As always, visit my mixtape hub to listen to more mixed goodness!


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Karl Blau - “A Melody To Wake Us In The Morning”

Hey, Tumblr.  I know, it’s not quite morning but ‘now’ is always the right time for some Karl Blau.  Especially when the track is one smooth sax jam.

Pick this melody up yourself over on RCRD LBL.

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Adrian Teacher,
My Words Are Yours

Adrian Teacher - “Blue As My Name”

A bit ago Karl Blau posted a bunch of lyrics to his site inviting others to use them with their own melodies.  He calls the project My Words Are Yours

“I wrote these words — sometimes right into the keyboard from my brain; and they are free and happy to be morphed/mixed — mangled even.”

Adrian Teacher of Apollo Ghosts did just that and seemingly under the influence of Karl's aesthetic, gives us this enchanting lo-fi folk song. 

Summer Burn 2010 - a flamgirlant mixtape

Sometimes a mix takes its own path despite the mixmaker’s best intentions - Summer Burn 2010 is a perfect example.  This puppy ended up taking 7 left turns before I called it quits.  That could mean it’s a pretty nice listen.  Could also mean it’s absolute shite.  Either way, I had to end it before it ended me. 

Hopefully you’ll hear something new and special.  As always, show the bands your love buy checking out a show or buying some swag.  They love that sort of thing.  And it’s a total win/win.  Download here!

Summer Burn 2010

01. So Glad - Evil D’s
02. The Be Colony - Broadcast And The Focus Group
03. Caesar - Ty Segall
04. Too Thirsty To Drink Water - Karl Blau
05. L. Mansion - Sic Alps
06. Green Guitar - RatTail
07. Ancient Robots - Conspiracy Of Owls
08. Superior To The Sea - Glass Cake
09. Cadets - Trash Kit
10. Deep - Woods
11. Fucking With My Head (Beck Cover) - Floating Action
12. Phantom Limb - Pat Jordache
13. Lying Around - Magic Bullets
14. Memory Teeth - Rayon Beach
15. Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People
16. It’s Choade My Dear - Connan Mockasin
17. Pissing Into Flames - The Fatty Acids
18. All Packed Up - Idiot Glee

My computer has been acting up lately so I apologize for any tag wonkiness.  Drop me line if you have issues or comments.  And visit my mixtape hub of love for other tunes to spin.


I’m too thirsty to drink water you ask what am I too thirsty for?
I’m thirsty for a life I can’t afford
from “Too Thirsty To Drink Water” by Karl Blau