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LINES : a flamgirlant mixtape

Ever notice how something as simple and innocuous as a line influences our behavior?  Lines are drawn, toed, and crossed.  You get in line, hold the line, and put yourself out on the line.  You either stay within the lines or color outside of them.  Sometimes you got someone on the line; sometimes you take yourself off the line.

Here’s a dandy little mix all about making lines or reacting to them (and one tasty instrumental jam for good measure).  Plus it’s spring and time for a new mix, no?

Click here to give it a listen over on 8tracks.  To download a zip file of the tunes, click here or on the image above.

LINES - a flamgirlant mixtape

01. Thee Oh Sees - Minotaur
02. Teen - Come Back
03. Devendra Banhart - Mi Negrita
04. Foxygen - Oh Yeah
05. The Liminanas - Crystal Anis
06. The Everywheres - Frightened Face
07. Angel Olsen - Free
08. Levek - Terra Treasures
09. Jaill - Perfect Ten
10. Ducktails - Couch-Surfer
11. Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers - I’m Straight
12. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - From the Sun
13. Eidolons - Yellow Wallpaper
14. Psychic Ills - One More Time
15. Stone Coal White - Free
16. Brother Mitya - Tenderness
17. Mac DeMarco - Cooking Up Something Good
18. Cousins - Khyber
19. Futurebirds - Virginia Slims

As always, show your love to these bands.  Buy a shirt, see a show, ask ‘em to sign a record.  Let’s support them so they can continue to bring us amazing music.

Got more mixes here if you wanna riffle through my collection.  Got a bunch posted over on 8tracks if you need some great music to stream.

Enjoy peeps!


Jaill - “Perfect 10”

Needed a bright spot in my afternoon.

Jaill - “Waste A Lot Of Things”

New Jaill album Traps is due out Sub Pop June 12th.  Man, I love these guys.  And just in time for summer.

You guys know Jaill is a Milwaukee band, right?  Actually, Vinnie is from my home town.  A few of my friends were in his first band way back in the day.  On Friday June 8th Jaill is having a record release party in Milwaukee.  In Bay View, actually - my little neighborhood of the city.  It’s gonna be at the Bay View Bowl complete with glo-bowling, DJ and a tacos.  Seriously.  The band will play later on in the eve.

Now tell me a divey bowling alley and a taco truck doesn’t make for a perfect release party.  I love this band.  I love this city. 

Tickets are only $12 if you wanna be my wingman/woman…

Traps is pretty, it’s moody, it pops. It has the scrappy, vengeful enthusiasm of a puppy stuck under a blanket. It’s an adorably grumpy bear just awoken from his long winter’s slumber, with a mangy heart rarely found outside of the stuffed animal bin of a Salvation Army. It’s an album that expects to be taken seriously goddammit, even though it just puked on the bar.

Jaill - “That’s How We Burn”

Me and a few of my hometown crew are catching the Jaill and Jacuzzi Boys tonight.  Vinnie from Jaill knows those boys as they all went to school together.  There’s your piece of trivia for the day - me, Vinnie and Tony Romo all hail from the same place.  Rock on.

And so it goes in Milwaukee, a place where success will never outweigh unpretentious, blue-collar values like hard work, beer-drinking, and not being an asshole even if you get signed by a “cool” record label.

A.V. Club Milwaukee on Jaill’s record release party.

I was at this show - it was great.  Relaxed, fun and full of great tunes. 

Vinnie and my friend Joe were BFF back in highschool.  Vinnie taught Joe how to play guitar.  Vinnie, Joe and a few of my other friends were (briefly) in a band together.  I met Vinnie.  Vinnie’s mom bought me a beer.  I took a swig out of the bottle of jack he passed into the audience.  The band came out to talk to us after the show.  Seriously great people.

If you get a chance to see Jaill, please do.  They are great guys who play great songs.  They deserve some great fans. 

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That's How We Burn

Jaill - “Everyone’s Hip”

I’m heading to the Jaill record release party tonight here in Milwaukee and I’m stoked!  My crew from my hometown is coming up and crashing.  Turns out Vinnie of Jaill is from Burlington.  Actually taught a friend how to play guitar and they along with few other friends were in a band or two in highschool.  That trumps Tony Romo, in my book.

I’ve also learned an ex who has been sniffing back around is coming up as well.  Interesting.  That ship has sailed, however I don’t think he knows it.  Of course I’m just gonna play a little and rock concert cleavage like it’s my fucking job.

This has all the makings of on stellar evening.  Hope the rest of you cause an equally fun ruckus tonight!!


Vincent Kircher of Jaill.  The Milwaukee band’s brand new album That’s How We Burn is out today on Sub Pop Records!

(via Jaill)

Reblogging the Milwaukee love!  Turns out one of these cats when to high school with some good friends of mine.  Looking forward to their show in August - it’s gonna be a party!