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TEEN - “Ambient”

Previously unreleased instrumental from one of my favorites, TEEN.  Chew on this.

The City and Horses - “We Will Never Be Discovered” (by papergardenrecs)



Yes, yes it pretty much is.

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Magic Trick,
The Glad Birth of Love

Magic Trick - “Daylight Moon”

I have a wicked Tim Cohen crush.



Local legend Tim Cohen recently released a new album under his project Magic Trick called The Glad Birth of Love. If you haven’t heard it already, check out this epic track “Daylight Moon” from the record. Tonight at Rickshaw Stop, Magic Trick and Empty Cellar Records are celebrating the record’s release, which includes extra magic from Magic Bullets (apparently their last show “for a long, long time”) as well as sets from PreTeen and Tambo Rays. See you there!

Junip - “To The Grain”

This, dear friends, is what the internet is for.


Junip - “To The Grain”

From their 2010 album Fields - out now on Mute.

(by ZEITjUNGzeigt)

(via thesoundandthefurry)

The Crocodiles - “Mirrors” (Studio Session With Insound)

Serious Tuesday morning rally.  Since I can’t be buzzed given this whole working for a living thing, I’ll find myself under the capable influence of Crocodiles.  It’s noon somewhere, right?

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Extra Happy Ghost !!!,
Lab Coast / Extra Happy Ghost Split 7

Extra Happy Ghost!!! - “1990s Brain Damage”

Bedroom lo-fi with a worn fuzziness like your favorite flannel sheets.

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Gauntlet Hair

Gauntlet Hair - “Our Scenery”

I fucking love pop.  Distort it all you want, reverb the shit out of it, it’s still pop.  This song is so damn catchy that it is the first three songs I play every day on my morning commute.  Often the last two on my way home.  Just try and play this only once.  Ain’t gonna happen.

Featured on my Summer’s End mixtape, in case you missed it.

Anyone else looking forward to this release?

Cloud Nothings - “Hey Cool Kid”

Today’s second lesson on why pop music kicks so much ass no matter how you dress it up.  Or down.  Also found on my Summer’s End mixtape.  My mixes aren’t just for fun people, they’re educational.  Go listen.  All the cool kids are (ba dump bump).

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Soft Healer

Soft Healer - “Movie Light”

I want to dream this dream tonight.

Spin down the road, fancy free.  Spin down the road, you and me.