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Heartsrevolution - "C.Y.O.A.!"

Remember last month when I mused on the odds of getting Beck to produce a new Cibo Matto album in time for summer?  Perhaps I should have been pining for a different beast altogether…




Been waiting an eternity for the full length from these guys to drop.  I had thought after their release of the Are We Having Fun Yet Mixtape?, it was leading into a full length…but still not so much.  Love these kids electro dance pop, and I can see their potential to become a viable touring band.  At least they know it it taking forever as they jokingly point out in the introduction of previously mentioned mixtape.  Sure they have some scattered 12”s and singles, including one heart shaped 10”ish record that I was psyched to recently snag.  I guess the album may or may not have have a title: Ride or Die, so that’s likely a good sign.

While you continue to wait for their debut album, check out their crazy artist collective/workshop/factory deal complete with late night wheatpaste/stencil runs and their lastest mad scientist endeavor: the world’s first crystal ice cream truck covered with a quarter of a million crystals.  Srsly.

(via feastofbeast)