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Glass Cake - “Ejip II”

Gah, the latest Glass Cake release is fantastic.  Give Lunar Caustic a listen over on bandcamp.

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Glass Cake,
Honey Months

Glass Cake - “Window”

When it comes to a girl and her guitar, this is exactly the kind of sound I love.  Granted Michelle is joined by a band this time around, but that whole vibe is not lost with the addition of folk.  I fell for Glass Cake when I heard Demonstrations and had “Superior To The Sea” on constant repeat (and a mixtape). I’m thrilled to hear more.


cover art

Glass Cake recently put out a lovely 4 track cassette tape, which is now also available as a free download. You should go get one or the other or both, because Michelle writes songs that never fail to send a summer shiver down your spine. Besides a voice that is all shades of soulful, sexy and hip, she writes songs that are really catchy and cool (remember her ‘Demonstrations’ ep?). If she doesn’t become the next big indie darling of the world, then there is something wrong with how they pick the next big indie darlings of the world (which is probably the case).

You can download Glass Cakes’ lovely EP ‘Honey Months’ over on her Bandcamp or you can still buy it in cassette form over on the Wizards Of The Ghosts website. And since it is Tumblr Tuesday today, why not get more bang for your buck and start following Michelles’ tumblr as well as WOTG tumblr?

Summer Burn 2010 - a flamgirlant mixtape

Sometimes a mix takes its own path despite the mixmaker’s best intentions - Summer Burn 2010 is a perfect example.  This puppy ended up taking 7 left turns before I called it quits.  That could mean it’s a pretty nice listen.  Could also mean it’s absolute shite.  Either way, I had to end it before it ended me. 

Hopefully you’ll hear something new and special.  As always, show the bands your love buy checking out a show or buying some swag.  They love that sort of thing.  And it’s a total win/win.  Download here!

Summer Burn 2010

01. So Glad - Evil D’s
02. The Be Colony - Broadcast And The Focus Group
03. Caesar - Ty Segall
04. Too Thirsty To Drink Water - Karl Blau
05. L. Mansion - Sic Alps
06. Green Guitar - RatTail
07. Ancient Robots - Conspiracy Of Owls
08. Superior To The Sea - Glass Cake
09. Cadets - Trash Kit
10. Deep - Woods
11. Fucking With My Head (Beck Cover) - Floating Action
12. Phantom Limb - Pat Jordache
13. Lying Around - Magic Bullets
14. Memory Teeth - Rayon Beach
15. Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People
16. It’s Choade My Dear - Connan Mockasin
17. Pissing Into Flames - The Fatty Acids
18. All Packed Up - Idiot Glee

My computer has been acting up lately so I apologize for any tag wonkiness.  Drop me line if you have issues or comments.  And visit my mixtape hub of love for other tunes to spin.


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Glass Cake,

Glass Cake - “Superior to the Sea”

A few days ago hi54lofi posted a fantastic little EP called Demonstrations by Glass Cake.  The whole thing is downright perfect - including the incredibly precious cover of “Like A Prayer”. 


Glass Cake writes and records songs with such easy going, lovely melodies that you can’t help but feel a warm summer breeze blowing on your neck. And then the song stops and it turns out that its just the person behind you on the bus breathing heavily.

But then the next song starts and all is well again. Demonstrations is 5 songs worth of feeling like your heart is the rope in a tug of war match between last summer and the next one. Or maybe i’ve just been listening to it during that time when summer feels as far away in the rear view mirror as it is out the front.

Go give it a listen and while you’re there, grab the free download.  I really hope to hear more from Glass Cake soon - I have a feeling this EP will be on repeat quite a bit as we hit the summer months.