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Extra Happy Ghost!!! - “Filler (Minor Threat Cover)

Friday afternoon obsession.  So aloof and cool, this cover.  Not a punch in the face, like the way Minor Threat does it.  More like an accidental rug burn… don’t really mind the pain because you’re caught up in the moment of pleasure.

Extra Happy Ghost!!! - “Mercy, Mercy”

Waking up to a new video of my favorite song off of Extra Happy Ghost!!!'s album Modern Horses.

Give As I Do Get - a flamgirlant mixtape

As promised, here is my latest mixtape for you and yours to download and enjoy. This mix has some of my favorite songs of late, many of which you’ve already seen on this little blog.  Dig in!  If you can’t grab it quite yet but still are itching to listen, give it a spin over on 8tracks.  Or download it here.

Give As I Do Get

01. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - No One Is (As I Are Be)
02. Milk Maid - Oh!
03. Cocobeurre - Les Bulles
04. Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin - So, I Went to Beach, Melody
05. Continents - Land Of Plenty
06. Howlin’ Woods - BOSS
07. Naomi Punk - The Spell
08. Julia Holter - Goddess Eyes
09. Chad VanGaalen -  Heavy Stones
10. Extra Happy Ghost!!! - Mercy, Mercy
11. Beirut - Goshen
12. Widowspeak - Puritan
13. The Group Sound - Hey Gurl
14. Bill Callahan - Too Many Birds
15. Amen Dunes - Lower Mind
16. Ducktails - In The Swing
17. Caveman - December 28th
18. Pure X - Half Here

Please do a solid and support these artists.  Buy a shirt or a record, catch a show, send the band a little love note.  Do as the title suggests and give as you do get so we can keep getting more. After all, what would life be like without a killer soundtrack?

And as always, hit up my mixtape hub to download other mixes!


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Extra Happy Ghost!!!,
Modern Horses

Extra Happy Ghost!!! - “So at One”

If there is such a thing as grunge twee, Extra Happy Ghost!!! kills it.

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Extra Happy Ghost,
Modern Horses

Extra Happy Ghost!!! - “Mercy, Mercy”

A shimmering melody slithers on its belly, weighed down by melancholic harmonies swallowed in echos of feedback punctuated by the squelch of an organ.


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Extra Happy Ghost !!!,
Lab Coast / Extra Happy Ghost Split 7

Extra Happy Ghost!!! - “1990s Brain Damage”

Bedroom lo-fi with a worn fuzziness like your favorite flannel sheets.