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The Soft Wave

Arp - “White Light”

Last night I dreamt that it was the end of days.  An asteroid was hurtling towards earth.  It was hours from hitting us.  You could see the giant rock in the sky.  People were calmly entering the underground city that had been built to save mankind.  Think a less technologically advanced Star Trek.

We were allowed to bring two suitcases.  As I unpacked my clothes, music, books and other such things I had a thought that stopped me dead in my tracks: tampons and condoms.  Fuck.  Tampons and condoms.  I should’ve packed an entire suitcase full of tampons and condoms.  Both suitcases.  Not only would it have ensured my quality of life, I would’ve been one of the richest people in the new world.  Money would have little to no value, but tampons and condoms…

I woke up feeling nothing but remorse for my stupidity and utter relief when I realized it was just a dream.  Call me prophetic, but it’s not a mistake I’ll make when the shit really does hit the fan.

Tampons and condoms: currency of the dystopian future.

He wanted the new Deerhunter.  And my bra.

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Power Out

Electrelane - “Enter Laughing”

Around 2:00 this morning I woke myself up from a dream with a chuckle.  Quite literally, a chuckle.  I "heh"ed myself awake.

In my dream I was in a movie theater with a friend and he made some sort comment involving unicorns and an Auto-Tune.  You know, a vocoder.  I believe it was a pun.  Must’ve been pretty good if I laughed myself awake.  Just wish I could remember what it was…

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Deerhunter - “VHS Dream”

I had a bad dream last night. 

A few friends and I were at a cabin somewhere when we were hit with an unexpected and horrible winter storm.  Power was lost, we didn’t have much wood to keep a fire going and we were completely unable to leave to find help.  I don’t know how long we were there but my friends slowly started dropping off one by one from exposure. 

I awoke around 3:30 AM feeling completely out of sorts.  I went to the bathroom, grabbed another blanket and went back to sleep.  My dream started over almost as though it had been rewound but this time I had the added benefit of hindsight - or would it be forethought?

I remembered a neighbor had made a trip to the store earlier that morning so I found her and give her all the money I had in my pocket ($65) to buy us firewood.  She seemed confused and irritated but my sense of desperation and urgency made her agree.  As my friends and I wandered from here to there for whatever reason, I picked up fallen branches or swiped wood from piles that seemed to have an overabundance.  I knew what we were going to endure and I had to do everything in my power to prevent the same outcome from happening.

I woke up for work not knowing how it ended.  I really hope I was able to save us all.