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unknown mortal orchestra session is up at daytrotter.

One of the things that we like the best about you is how complicated you seem, how we never really can get to your center, though we’ve always felt - through the years and years - that you’ve brought us right up close enough to enough hearts that we can smell their pumping.
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Soft Healer,
Daytrotter Studio 3/31/2011

Soft Healer - “Soeur” (Daytrotter Session)

This band makes me forget to breathe.


Soft Healer bring elements of things and insinuations and innuendos into the equation that we’re not sure what to do with. There is always a feeling that something’s a setup, even when we’re being tended to so kindly, so lovingly.

(…)There are creatures and there are other things lingering in “Soeur.” It’s as if there are a thousand eyes all right there, not blinking, just staring us down. The music lurches and we feel the goose bumps explode across our forearms, like a tidal wave, like the lights clicking off across a neighborhood during a power outage. We freeze for a second, or in this case, nearly four minutes, to see what’s going to happen to us.

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Daytrotter Session - 3/12/2010

Snowblink -“Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough”

Check out the jewel I found while digging around on Daytrotter today.

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Plants & Animals,
Daytrotter Studio 1/14/2011

Plants & Animals - “Celebration” (Daytrotter Session)

Before you go to bed tonight, listen to this song.  Turn down the lights and just… listen.

I love you Plants & Animals.

Sweet dreams.

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Paul Cary,
Daytrotter Studio 12/25/2010

Paul Cary - “Coyote” (Daytrotter Session)

Stunning and bleak, Paul Cary delivers the exact feeling of helplessness when you are in your darkest moments and you realize you can’t fight your demons any longer. Those wallows in self-pity don’t feel as lonely or selfish when you have Cary with you.  His music is the healing salve for those moments.

Breathe Owl Breathe recording their second Daytrotter session.  Like, right now.  Awesome.

Get the first one here.

"Cults delivers on the theme of love as a hazard and a harbor. We can all just dance and sway with them, together." - Daytrotter

Iron & Wine recording a Daytrotter Session

I have plans to oogle Sam Beam’s beard at the Pabst Theater tomorrow night.  My first time seeing him live.  Really looking forward to it.

It’s as if Tame Impala has cornered a market for giving people the thrill of high speeds and beautifully scenic rides - their songs causing your head to fuzz out of balance and synchronize completely with what it might mean to experience perfect light and perfect air and perfect sound.