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Cults - “Go Outside” (Menahan Street Band Remix)

Good morning, everyone.

What I want most is bad for me I know

"Cults delivers on the theme of love as a hazard and a harbor. We can all just dance and sway with them, together." - Daytrotter

Longboard Girls Crew of Madrid

Best use of “Go Outside” by Cults ever (and Essex Green and Eels).  What a beautiful short film.  Utter hotness and baddassery.  Tell me you’re not a little turned on and a bit intimidated.

Crush - a flamgirlant mixtape

I don’t often make thematic mixtapes but lately I’ve found myself falling for songs about falling.  May seems to be the perfect time of year to have a new crush.  There’s something about warming temps and budding trees that makes it easy to fall in love. Maybe it’s that foxy hipster you keep seeing at shows or cravings for a new roll you tried at your favorite sushi joint.  My latest crush is my new city - and a mess of bands.

So without further ado, I give you my latest mixtape: Crush

01. The Radio Dept. - Heaven’s On Fire
02. The Blacks - I’m In Love 
03. Makeout Videotape - Slush Puppy Love
04. White Fence - I’ll Follow You
05. Cults - Most Wanted
06. Dante Vs Zombies - Yes I’m Stalking You
07. Lonnie Donegan - Love Is Strange
08. Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk - Jeremy Irons Couple Skate
09. Mi Ami - Latin Lover
10. North Highlands - Sugar Lips
11. Quantic And His Combo Barbaro - I Just Fell In Love Again
12. Donora - I Think I Like You
13. Bark Bark Disco - Song For The Lovers
14. The Strange Boys - Laugh At Sex, Not Her
15. Vetiver - Amour Fou
16. Dirt Dress - Dreams
17. Crystal Stilts - Sugar Baby
18. Via Audio - Babies
19. Eddie Ray - You Are Mine

I hope you find a new band crush as a result of listening to this mix. If you do, show that love and check out a concert or buy their latest 7”. After all you can’t expect to get more lovin’ without giving any in return.

If you dig the mix, gimme a shout.  If you’d like to hear more, check out my previous mixtapes here.


Cults - “Go Outside/Most Wanted/The Curse”

Cults EP in video form.  Happy Tuesday all.