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Finally finished my Megafaun cross stitch!  Didn’t it turn out stellar?!  Only in a 5x7 frame, but 4,566 teeny stitches with one strand of floss on 28 count linen.  I lot of time (and love) went into this piece.  I absolutely adore it.  Do bands dig fan art from totally non-creepy fangirls?  I might just email the fellas and see…

What do you think?

Finished a commissioned piece. One of my faves.

See more of my work at my etsy shop.

Working on a new piece inspired by one of my favorite bands.  It just needed to be stitched.  Any guesses?

Working on a new piece inspired by one of my favorite bands.  It just needed to be stitched.  Any guesses?

My friend Dave lives in Milwaukee.  His girlfriend Claire lives in Chicago.  He asked if I could stitch something up for him to give her for Christmas.  It was sort of last minute, but I said sure.  Here’s the progress so far. 

It’s shaping up to be pretty bad ass, but damn is it taking forever.  28 count fabric means really tiny stitches.  Check out that close up.  The needle looks monstrous.  Teeny freakin tiny x’s.  Over 3,300 in WI, over 3,500 in IL.  Seriously.  Hours of stitching shows progress in 1/4”.  I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  I don’t know if I can get it done in time!  I have to, but damn, it’s gonna take everything I got.  That and canceling plans to hang out with a friend this afternoon.  :(

Hey look!  I made this!!


Thursday: still makes me happy every time I look at it. (Taken with picplz.)

And I’m thrilled that you still dig it!  :-)

Power Animal: Argyle Octopus

My “Power Animal” series combines classic patterns and textures with traditional silhouettes and funk it up with color.  My latest addition to the family is an Argyle Octopus.  The oh so preppy character is stitched in two shades of grey and bright turquoise cotton embroidery floss with an accent of red for pop.

The finished piece is for sale in my etsy shop!  If you’d like to stitch one up for yourself, I have the pattern available too.

Here’s a little sneak peak of my latest stitched piece for my Power Animals series, the Argyle Octopus.  Finally got him hooped up!  Won’t get around to take real pics until later today or tomorrow, but wanted to show a little teaser!

I’ve now switched to Jack Goes Boating.  I have a little crush on Philip Seymore Hoffman.

And I’m stitching little luchadores.  Making them into pendants.  Just wait.

Pick Your Ride Cross Stitch by flamgirlant

"A man without a mustache is like a cup of tea without sugar" - English Proverb

Sometimes a man with a mustache gives enough sugar, one forgets about the tea.  This piece isn’t particularly subtle; neither are some mustaches.

Part of my Fanciful Follicle series, each ‘stache is stitched in on neutral cloth in shade of brown unique to it’s shape - coffee, dark chocolate and mahogany.  The text is worked in backstitch in dark navy.  The piece is in a 4”x6” black frame measuring a total of 6”x8”.

Love it?  Want it on your bedside table?  Pick it up at my etsy!

Check it!!  My brother-from-another-mother was interviewed for CRAFT magazine!  He does some rad cross stitches that caught their eye.  Even gave me a shout out!  What swell bearded fella. :)

Click on through to read his nifty article and check out his goods at his etsy.  Congrats darlin’!!


“The sometimes NSFW creations of Matthew Monthei have been seriously cracking me up for some time now. Anyone who cross stitches and then uses their crotch as a backdrop is pretty awesome in my book…”

OMG YOU GUYS.  I got interviewed for Craft Magazine!  

While most (nearly all) of the good pieces were deemed too risque for their general audience, I take comfort in the fact that one of the pieces okay’d by the censors is clearly a reference to my penis.

 (via Subversive Finds: Stitching Up Some Manliness @Craftzine.com blog)