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Crocheted Tetris Afghan

Seriously badass.

(via craftster)

Zipper Earbud Covers

Brilliant.  I hate untangling earbud cords.  Best bit - it’s a tute!  I’m gonna make myself a pair this weekend.

(via Craftzine)

This is my kind of embroidery - granny with a boom box.  Fantastic.  Go visit luckyjackson’s flickr stream for more stunning work.

Power Animal : Chevron Squirrel

Remember when I asked you guys what your power animal was?  Well I really did have a plan for ‘em.  I’ve started a new project where I combine classic patterns and textures with traditional silhouettes and funk it up with color.

This sweet little Chevron Squirrel is stitched in three shades of purple cotton floss on a bright aqua linen.  I’ve secured him in an 8” embroidery hoop I stained dark walnut. 

Popsicle Stick Guitar

Yes, popsicle stick guitar.  Over 2,000 of ‘em went into this puppy.  Ready for the best part?  There’s a tutorial.  Shit you not.  Queue up a fall project by saving all of the sticks from your popsicles this summer.

(via Craftzine)

Stick ‘em Up by Nathan Vincent

Crocheted yarn, foam and metal hooks.  Awesome.

Daniel Johnston Embroidery



finished:) click through for flickr.

I’m in love with this Daniel Johnston embroidery.

Me too!

The Dude Abides - VHS on Canvas by iri5


(via Mr Xstitch)