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WIP Wednesday

Again, I can’t show you the whole deal cuz it’s a surprise for a fellow Tumblerer, but you see you those curves?  Looking so good…

DIY Paper Guitar Kit

Seriously.  Craft your own Les Paul out of paper.  Awesome.

(via Dude Craft)


Scott Avett in cross stitch (by ptolemyclark)

Scott Avett of The Avett Brothers, one of the best indie/Americana bands around, in cross stitch.  I created the pattern based on this original photo from LayySayy on Flickr.

Darling, this is your best cross stitch yet!!  Gorgeous!!

Halcyon Digest is so very lovely.  It makes me want to create something just as lovely using a traditional and lovely skill.  Anyone wanna join me for a musical crafternoon?

Instead of food, I’ve decided to drink a few beers for dinner.  And watch TV.  I’m watching Family Guy.  Then have a stroke of genius - I need to make a clock like the pinball clock from Sesame Street!!  It’s a million dollar idea!!

But then I search and yeah, someone else beat me to it.  thydzik was inspired by the same episode.  I wonder if he had beer for dinner too.

Click here to figure out how to make your own clock, dammit.

(okay, fine.  I’ll make some spaghetti)


My Mixtape Brings All The Boys To The Yard

And they’re like, “It’s better than yours.”

Damn right, it’s better than yours!

(by ptolemyclark)


RE_VINYL Clocks by Pavel Sidorenko

Awesome.  Just… awesome.

(via ReadyMade)

Hey, are you in a band?  If so head over to Readymade to get instructions on how to make a badass merch box.

Paper Queen.  Seriously.  Look at that detail!!

(via DudeCraft)

How-To: Duplicate vinyl records by casting

Yarr, piratin’ vinyl be totally hardcore ye scallywag!

(via Make:Online)