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I had a dream about you naked and that your bush looked exactly like Bob Ross’s hair. Really.
A text message I received from my friend Leslie this morning.

An ex-lover once asked why I didn’t shave.  I told him that if a happy little bush was good enough for Bob Ross, it was good enough for him. 

As Bob says, “those little details are nice”.

Also, there’s nothing like coming home after a long day to catch the last 10 minutes of a Joy of Painting episode.

This canvas is so full of happy things. 

Think they have this “Best Of” on a DVD boxed set?  Bob Ross is both incredibly comforting and inspiring. 

"When you’re painting, make up little stories.  It helps to be a little crazy, which is to my advantage.  Shoot, I’d like to live here.  I’m gonna put me a little house right here."

He does things with his palette knife that seems to spoil the whole painting but no, you just have to have faith.  It really will be a house.  And it will look awesome.  And you’ll get a story about the carpenter that “built” the house.

I need to have Bob Ross on DVD.  His happy clouds and happy trees and charming non-sequiters make me smile.  Perfect way to end a hectic work day.

PBS, I <3 you.

hughbot replied to your post: He-Man is on RetroTV this morning

Whoa! What’s retro tv?

RetroTV (RTV) is some random channel on my non-cable TV.  Check their site - see if you can RetroTV near you!

Shit.  Bob Ross is on PBS.  He-Man… Bob Ross… He-Man… Bob Ross…  Talk about a first world problem, eh?

When I was a kid I thought Bob Ross and Julia Child were a couple.

Imagine it.  What a fucking talented, curly haired kid.

And just think of the happy clouds and trees you’d see after eating his food.

Happy trees after eating his Supremes de Volaille a Blanc (Chicken breasts poached in butter); happy clouds from his Buttery Yellow Cake

So much butter.

I’m home from vacation, drinking a bottle of wine and watching PBS.  How y’all doing?  What did I miss?

There’s nothing worse than an angry tree.
Bob Ross