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Anatomy of a Linocut by Bill Flick

This gets me excited.  There’s something about the sound of the roller in the ink that just works for me. 

Though there’s no music.  Which makes me wonder, what song would you choose to score this short film?  Or songs, as it could be.  This is a tough one… not sure I’m ready to commit to anything though I’m contemplating a few.  What do you think?

RE_VINYL Clocks by Pavel Sidorenko

Awesome.  Just… awesome.

(via ReadyMade)

Cutest damn thing I’ve seen all day. 

(via DudeCraft)

This is my kind of embroidery - granny with a boom box.  Fantastic.  Go visit luckyjackson’s flickr stream for more stunning work.

Hectic Empire by Too Hectic

Silk screened Storm Trooper Cowboy.  Seriously.  You know you want one.  Only $25, but a limited run of 50.  Get on it.

(via Dude Craft)

Sleigh Bells “Treats” - permanent marker on paper by Hollis Brown Thorton

Beautiful.  Check out his other work - it’s all quite spectacular.  This guy knows how to wield a marker.