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Power Animal : Houndstooth Jackalope

I’ve started a new project where I combine classic patterns and textures with traditional silhouettes and funk it up with color.  A twist on the traditional. 

Here is my Houndstooth Jackalope.  I stitched this little guy in in two shades of blue cotton floss on burnt orange linen.  I’ve secured him in an 8” embroidery hoop I stained dark walnut.  I have a Chevron Squirrel too.

But wait, it gets better.  He was featured in a recent CraftZine post.  Seriously.  My jackalope.  First beefranck shows off my mustaches Pick Your Ride on Mr Xstitch, and now this.  My stitching may just be legit.  Like, to everyone else.  I think I need to get me an etsy.

Just wait ‘til you see the other two power animals I’m working on.  Woot!

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    I love the houndstooth jackalope. I gasped when I first saw it.
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    You’ve arrived! :)
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