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thirty-three : a flamgirlant (birthday) mixtape

I turned 33 on February 24th and I thought what better way to celebrate than making a birthday mixtape to share with all of you!  One featuring a snapshot from my 1st birthday as cover art, nonetheless. ;)

This mix is filled with jams - slow jams, dancey jams, raucous jams and maybe even a surprise or two.  These are the sort of tunes I like to listen to while rallying for a night out.  Toss this mix on and have yourself a cocktail while primping for your evening out.  Don’t be afraid to dance around in your underwear or sing to your reflection.  I guarantee by the end of your drink(s) and this mixtape you’ll be in prime form for your night.

Download and get your jam on.

thirty-three : a flamgirlant (birthday) mixtape

01  Casa Castile - Time Machine
02  Soft Powers - just like tropica-L
03  Hanni El Khatib - Loved One
04  Toro Y Moi - Low Shoulder (Daytrotter Session)
05  Phantom Power - oxycodon//whatever you’re in to
06  Anika - Yang Yang
07  Chapter 24 - You Said
08  YACHT - Psychic City (ClassixxRemix)
09  Range Rover - Soda
10  Hot Sugar - Fuckable (feat. Baghdaddy)
11  Wise Blood - STRT SRNS
12  Broken Water - Heal
13  Bad Tits - Bankok Hilton
14  tUnE-yArDs - Bizness
15  Essay - Helicopter
16  Wetdog - Wymmin’s Final
17  The Shivers - Shallow Water
18  Without Letters - Awak/Asleep
19  The Leathers - Too Bad [Prod. Dean Povinsky]
20  Summer Camp - Veronica Sawyer

If you find something moves you do a solid and buy something from the artist.  They need our well-deserved dollars to keep churning out music worth falling for.

As always, visit my mixtape hub of love to download my previous mixes. 


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