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Finally finished my Megafaun cross stitch!  Didn’t it turn out stellar?!  Only in a 5x7 frame, but 4,566 teeny stitches with one strand of floss on 28 count linen.  I lot of time (and love) went into this piece.  I absolutely adore it.  Do bands dig fan art from totally non-creepy fangirls?  I might just email the fellas and see…

What do you think?

  1. mrkitty00 answered: i think they’ll agree that it’s pretty fucking baller
  2. ponyinarope said: It looks awesome, you can’t even tell from the photos that it’s stitched.
  3. whitneymcn answered: It’s not as awesome as certain other cross stitch pieces that come to mind, but it’s pretty fucking awesome. Email them.
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