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Look A Little Closer

Levek - “Terra Treasures”

This is one of the most wonderful songs I’ve ever heard.  Ever.  It’s the bossa nova.  I’m a sucker for bossa nova. 

"Make a golden sound to follow her around with, ‘til she wonders where the sound went when you’re gone."

Just lovely. 

Levek's debut album Look A Little Closer dropped today on Lefse Records and it is absolutely fantastic.  You know how the charm of Instagram is how you can apply a different filter to your pictures but they all still have that “vintage” feel about them?  This album is like the sonic version of that.  There’s something classic about each song, but this one has a bit of bossa nova.  Another has classic folky singer songwriter vibe.  Another has a bit of 70’s soul groove.  But they all tie together so wonderfully with that classic “something” they share. 

Listening to this album non-stop all morning has me wishing I was sailing with a vintage scarf tied around my neck.  Or driving an old MG convertible with a vintage scarf tied around my hair.  Or drinking espresso at an outdoor cafe with a vintage scarf tied around my shoulders.

The vintage scarf denominator amongst all those scenes was so strong that I had to find one.  It just felt needed, and who am I to deny what’s needed?  I was looking for something in blue or teal, but was utterly taken by a little mustard number with a fringed black lattice print.  Seriously.  It’s perfect for fall.  I can’t wait for it to arrive and I can listen to this album as it feels like it should be heard.

You will see Look A Little Closer in my top 10 for the year.  Absolutely.  And I have a feeling my scarf collection will also grow by the year’s end thanks thanks to this record.

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  2. headunderwater said: not my favorite song off the album but this is a fantstic choice. I prefer “With A Slow Burn” as my #1 fav
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