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In Limbo

TEEN - “Come Back”

I’ve been waiting for TEEN's debut album In Limbo for quite some time and my patience was finally rewarded on Tuesday.  Full of echoey vocals, fuzzy guitars, 80’s influenced synths, lush and textured melodies, a hint of lo-fi psychedelia, and a retro ballad or two thrown in for good measure, it’s dream-pop just the way I like it.

Love how Kristina Lieberson's (Here We Go Magic) tongue is firmly in cheek on this track, the second off the album.  And it’s real.  It’s honest.  Forget this “one true love” crap.  She admits that she’s been around the block (“I’ve kissed too many men”, “I’ve held too many hands”).  She also recites some of the self-help shit shoved down the collective throat of us single girls from those who aren’t and want to helps us join their ranks (“Look at me I’m a gift, Look at me I’m a prize”).  In the end, she just admits “I don’t wanna sleep another night alone”.

Girl, I feel you.

Loving this album.  Highly recommend.  Stream it over on soundcloud, pick it up at Carpark Records.

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