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Stealing Sheep,
Into The Diamond Sun

Stealing Sheep - “Tangled Up In Stars”

I believe I have a new band crush…


Stop the presses, this album is godly.  Since I got my glitter vinyl in the mail this weekend, it’s been on constant repeat and I can’t stop.  Mix one part girl folk (aka Mountain Man) and one part post punk girl pop (aka Grass Widow), complete with three part harmonies abound and a little snyth stuff.  Bottom line there is a frickin lot going on in just under 40min, and I haven’t heard a weak moment yet.  Their voices are exquisite, and they’ve written a spread of sonically varied tracks to accompany the vocal talent. 

I knew after hearing Shut Eye about a month ago the album would be good, but the quality here is quite frankly overwhelming.

I think this is a late year contender for some best of lists, as least I know it already has a place on mine.

Stealing Sheep - Into The Diamond Sun LP is their debut full length, out on sparkly blue glitter vinyl (think bowling ally bowling ball) and Ltd to 500 copiesHeavenly Records is releasing it, but you’ll have to order it from Rough Trade here.  First 200 copies were also signed (not sure if they’re gone yet?) and came with a mix CD from the girls called The Melting Mountain Mix, featuring some choice selections including Broadcast, Captain Beefheart, Vernon Elliot, Bjork and then some.

So fucking good, srsrly don’t miss out on the vinyl.

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