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Thee Oh Sees,
Putrifiers II

Thee Oh Sees - “Hang A Picture”

Since I, uh, “acquired” the new Thee Oh Sees record Putrifiers II a few weeks ago I haven’t listened to much else.  This puppy has been on constant repeat because yes, it’s really that good.

"Hang A Picture" is the second track on the album and could quite possibly be my favorite.  I love every bit of it.  Every bit.  Those falsetto-ey vocals are perfect.  The distortion on that guitar is fucking delicious.  Remember that Fun Dip candy you ate as a kid?  The guitar is that vanilla dipping stick surrounded in sweet in sticky fuzz of cherry sugar powder.  Yeah, I so wanna lick it.

Handclaps!  There is little more in a song that I love more than handclaps.  It’s an open invitation from the band to join in.  I love opportunities for listener participation and yes, I’m so the girl that takes her hands off the steering wheel to clap along at the moment.

That chorus slays me.  There are horns just behind that guitar, people.  That flash of brass set the hook. Those horns are so Beulah, aren’t they?  Gah, I love it.  I have a little rock ‘n roll fantasy of Thee Oh Sees drinking beers with Beulah and together writing a golden nugget of a pop song.  One with a lickable guitar.

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  7. downhillracer said: All ABOUT hand claps. Hand claps are the reason I got INTO punk music as a kid. Nothing says “community” like hand claps and gang vocal breakdowns. I guess I should hunt down this album…thanks!
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    Thee Oh Sees are growing and growing into the most beautiful psychadelic flower.
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