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Tiger Bones,
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Tiger Bones - “Kill Them”

I’m a sucker for hazy surf wave.  Gimme a blend of garage rock and dream pop and I’m a happy girl.  So when I received an email asking me to check out Tiger Bones promising “solid garage vibe and paranoid, ghosty vocals” I had to check ‘em out. 

Yeah, this so works for me.  There’s just the right amount of buzz and reverb mixed in with those jangly guitars to hook me.  The tribal percussion makes it impossible to keep still.  I dig how the bright flourishes are tempered by ominous chord changes and ethereal vocals.  That bit where the “boom, boom boom, cha!” kicks off before it turns all frenzied and dark makes my heart swell.

This Chicago quartet has it going on.  Look for their debut EP Go Over Here on Dedd Foxx March 1st.  In the meantime, head over to bandcamp and snag a free download for "Kill Them".

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    Kill Them — Tiger Bones
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