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Peggy Sue - “Fools Rush In”

I love waking up to a beautiful song with a great story sung by an amazing band.  Perfect way to start off the week.  Head over bandcamp to pre-order Peggy Sue play the songs of Scorpio Rising.


In Spring 2011 we were invited to perform a live soundtrack to a film at a temporary cinema in Hackney, East London. The film we chose was Kenneth Anger’s 1963 cult classic Scorpio Rising mostly because of its ground breaking Rock & Roll/Doo Wop soundtrack. With no dialogue or captions Anger was one of the first to use pop music to harness and alter the meaning of his images. Scorpio Rising is like a glorious 30 minute music video long before it’s time.

On July 1st, after many long hours perfecting the art of playing along to the film without getting distracted by the leather and the mustard, we played 12 new arrangements of the massive pop hits that appear on Anger’s original soundtrack.

It was without a doubt one of the most fun and nerve racking 30 minutes we have ever spent so we stole away to the studio for a few days here and there over the next 6 months and recorded our versions of the songs. This here is that. One thousand limited edition, hand printed, hand folded and hand signed compact discs are available to buy directly from us from our website and bandcamp page. The 12 songs will also be available to buy from all good download shops from July 23rd.

On Sunday July 22rd we will celebrate the release of our unofficial soundtrack with two very special performances in a previously unused musical space in East London. Seating the ridiculously small number of just 50 people at a time, we will play the album in full in the most appropriate of all venues - a surviving WW2 bunker in Dalston. Tickets will allow admittance for one hour to give audience members a chance to explore this weird and wonderful space before and after the 30 minute show. With the help of some incredible visuals and our unstoppable nerves these promise to be the most high brow Peggy Sue shows of all time! We hope you will enjoy watching and listening to it as much as we have enjoyed making it.

Tickets are on sale from 10am this morning from here www.wegottickets.com.

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