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Melody’s Echo Chamber - “Crystallized”

Tame Impala, Spiritualized, psych rock, hypnotic pop… the Fat Possum PR group certainly knows how to catch my attention. 

Fat Possum:

Recently recorded and mixed with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker in Perth and at her grandparents’ beach house in Cavalière in France, “Crystallized” is the debut material from Paris-based Melody’s Echo Chamber, a kaleidoscopic fusion of psych rock and warm hypnotic pop, fusing her influences of Pram and Spiritualized; Olivier Messiean and Robert Wyatt.

“Crystallized” will be released on 7” via Fat Possum later this year. She will also be touring the US this Fall.

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    Melody’s Echo Chamber - “Crystallized”
  2. santiland said: Wow, this song starts with Logic/GarageBand’s greatest preset: Bitcrusher. Love this!
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