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Motley Entrelac Buttonhole Shawl

I’ve spent this afternoon finishing my latest knitting project, the Motley entrelac buttonhole shawl.  I have yet to block it but wanted to take some pictures before I lost the late afternoon light. 

I found the pattern on Knitty and immediately fell in love how the color-changing yarn worked with the entrelac style and the superfluous buttonholes.  I used one colorway of Lion Brand Amazing yarn called “Arcadia”.  It’s full of teals and greens, plums and oranges - perfect for fall in Wisconsin.  A mix of wool and acrylic, this triangular shawl is super warm and should prove quite easy to care for.

The pattern was fantastic!  I’m a knitter of fickle disposition - too much repetition makes me bored, but too many changes in pattern disrupts my zen-like knitting groove.  This pattern was a PERFECT knit for me!  The pattern is quite simple enough to memorize, and once I got the crochet-hook buttonhole technique down, I was able to fly through this knit.  Repetitive enough to help find my zen, and the entrelac and buttonholes were able to hold my attention ‘til the end.  I highly recommend this pattern to anyone with a similar knitting personality.

  1. sblaufuss said: This is really cool! I’m referring to it as the vagina shawl, though.
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    This is amazing. I just feel like my toes would get caught in those buttholes.
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