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My fella and I booked a vacation for Austin over New Year’s.  We’ll be there Thurs 12/29 - Thurs 1/2.

So internet peeps, where should we go?  What should we see?  Museums, shops, venues, clubs, record stores?  What neighborhoods should we wander through?  What vegetarian restaurants must we eat at?  We will be renting a car, so any nearby destinations worth driving to?  Know of any New Year’s eve events we should look in to?

Would love to hear any and all recommendations!  Thanks!

First Listen: Cate Le Bon, ‘Mug Museum’

What a way to make Monday so much more enjoyable.  I adore Cate Le Bon.  Her records have a way of pulling you back again and again.  Soon you find you’re on the fifth repeat and didn’t even realize it.

If Serge Gainsbourg and Nico had a love child, Cate Le Bon could likely be it.  There’s far more to Cate than that, but a crude one liner is the best I can do right now.  If that intrigues you, be sure to click the link and check out her new album.

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Lou Reed - “Growing Up In Public”

Current favorite Lou Reed song.

Let’s do a group costume thing next year: Shark Week.  Who wants to be the chumsicle?

Bloods - “No Fun”

Band crush!

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The Swamps

Widowspeak - “Smoke and Mirros”

An absolute jam from Widowspeak's new EP, The Swamps.


Premiere from The Swamps EP

Just got my vinyl in the mail today. Sounds excellent, looks gorgeous, must be a captured track release.

Widowspeak - The Swamps EP is on Ltd clear yellow vinyl and available directly here

There’s only one great occupation that can change the world, that’s real rock ‘n’ roll. I believe to the bottom of my heart, the last cell, that rock ‘n’ roll can change everything. And I’m a graduate of Warhol University, and I believe in the power of punk. To this day, I want to blow it up. Thank you.
Lou Reed (via gimmetinnitus)

(via gimmetinnitus)